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December 11, 2008


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David Adam Edelstein

Every time you describe this it sounds so simple. I think I need to figure out where I can get a few kilos of duck skin.


Now those are some real directions, thank you Tori! Can't wait to try it with turkey. BUT: turkey doesn't really have that much fat? I don't think anywhere near 7 cups worth?

How do you typically serve the confit? Best accompaniments?


David Adam: Just do it already.

Eric: Yeah. For turkey, I would use duck fat. Find a butcher that will sell you skin and cavity fat. It's worth it.

I use confit in Cassoulet, but also as a quick dinner. Salade tiede, topped with confit leg just warmed in an uncrowded low-edged pan, at about 350. If the skin isn't crisp once the leg is warm, crank up the oven to about 425 to blitz the skin. It's a handful for minutes to bistro supper.



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