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November 29, 2008


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All suggestions for what to do with green tomatoes are welcome in these chilly summered parts! This one sounds good.


It is so funny that you came up with this! A wonderful chef here -- and great pal of mine -- did a dish in his restaurant all summer that proved cravable, as well. Green tomato with the large curd dry cottage cheese (similar to ricotta) with *loads* of salt and pepper, topped with ultra-fresh tuna tartare. The s/p and texture of the cottage cheese with the acid of the tomato and the creamyness of the tuna was so wonderful.


I'm starting to think of them as a wholly different vegetable from red tomatoes. I love their resistance to the bite, their slightly sour taste. Sound great, braingirl.


I waited too long. I'm a fool. A hungry hungry fool. I know nothing that will satisfy this craving other than this very thing. A body's frustrated desire is always a sad thing.

This applies to everything we yearn for. Well said. Cheers!


This post makes me smile. You said it well. Very funny but lovely. Thanks!

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