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October 15, 2008


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Ed Ward

Well, if that's stream of consciousness, more power to your consciousness and whatever liquid streams through it.

I'm typing this blind, having bitten a chunk out of my monitor when I saw that, alas.


We left out the turkey (we don't eat meat) and only ate the suffing. It had nuts in it as well, but no pistachios.

Eric Gower

Giving thanks with pork. Is there a better way? Love the shape of the middle!

Thanking the lordy that tori was born.


Ed: Wish I could send you some through a (new) screen.

mare: If I were to eat no meat, I'm sure I would eat a lot of nuts. More than I already do... I love them.

Gower: Pork really rounds out anything. I love the shape in the middle too. (And Aww.)

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