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October 01, 2008


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Wow. (vibrato)


You see, Bill, if I regularly got "Wow. (vibrato)," I would bake *a lot* more.


I love galette bretonne, and scottish shortbread and surely they ought to be the same thing but they aren't...

The garlic photo was beautiful too. We have them with roast potatoes and chicken.


Come on, share the recipe, I know you want to.....go on.Do it...share.....


Lucy: the addition of egg in the Brittany version makes them quite different from their Scottish counterparts. I've been yearning for Scoottish shortbread. But I suspect I'll first make the cake-like galette bretonne-- You know, the thick cake that one cuts into wedges that always have the words Pur Beurre attached to them at bakeries. I could use some sorting out of nomenclatures: galette bretonne, palet breton, g√Ęteau breton.... Do tell me--how are they used where you live?

Briony--I'll get on it tomorrow!


I've just got out the tin of Tanguy's(empty now, a gift) to check this one. Yours look more like palets breton, in fact, which was what I was thinking of, thicker and shortcakey. Galettes are a thinner, crisper version, with scalloped edges and sometimes stamped. Gateau breton is the thick, round cake, often sold in semi-circular half cakes, with a layer of jam or prunes in the middle, whose texture is somewhere between cake and biscuit. Local friends make a good version of this with fig jam, often muffin-sized.

That seems to be the conscensus, but regions vary. One of my students, an older lady, makes crepes and savoury buckwheat crepes, which are usually called galettes too, which are as thin and lacy as fairy food. But she says that the name 'galettes' for these latter is only used in coastal Brittany, in the centre they are more often 'crepes de ble noir'.

There, I've done it again, spent ages commenting here... :~)


How could I wait this long to thank Lucy for further elucidating the categories!?

And I've always liked crepe de ble noir better, though sarazin is the preferred nomenclature here.

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