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September 25, 2008


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david adam edelstein

Hello, middle stack that is a map to my culinary center.


Ah yes! Fuchsia Dunlop's two, and is that Oseland beneath?

Our home has turned into All Fuchsia All the Time in anticipation of a visit by a hardcore foodie friend at the end of next month, and we're not ready to appear as utterly ignorant as we are when it comes to Hunan or Sichuan cookery.

R. and I are reading _Shark's Fin & Sichuan Pepper_ aloud to one another.


Kind of resembles my room as it is these days. I love the cover of the Slow Mediterranean Kitchen - I crave nar.


>>I crave nar.

One of the best parts of Christmas! As a child I was indulged with them quite a bit ruby spray notwithstanding. Fabulous food for a magic and myth loving child with dainty fingers.

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