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September 19, 2008


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Ed Ward

A nice variation is to use (I know it's not traditional and I know it sounds weird) pistachio nuts. When I lived in Texas and couldn't find pignolis at all, that's what I used, and it was swell.


Plate o' pesto! I just did this yesterday!

Pesto is so forgiving -- I use almonds, walnuts, or whatever happens to be in the refrigerator as well as flat leaf parsley, sorrel, etc. Your basil looks wonderful -- our went to seed here so early. Fantastico!


I believe I've never tried it with pistachios--they have that same thing going for them--meaty, but not bitter. And the colour would be great.

I have loads of sorrel. What mix do you see it going best with? And why is flatleaf parsley so underrated as a stand-alone herb is always beyond me.

I think it's not so much a question of pesto being forgiving, but that the combination of nut + herb + olive oil +/- parm or pecorino is just marvelous.

I next want to get into the walnut veggie dipping sauces. You know the ones I mean, (anchovies), olive oil, some heat. I don't know how these have been relatively absent from my life, but I'll make up for it in amount as soon as I can.

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