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September 02, 2008


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Dash, bash -- whatever! Great comic relief. You've a nice way with telling that recipe -- you'll save it for your book?

Your getting close to Mom's pavlova.

I'd want to add ice cream.

I hadn't heard of heating the egg whites and sugar when making meringue. Do you always do that?

I like how the black berries get mashed, for good measure. No chewing necessary; you can test the lumps with a nudge from your teeth as they go by and get a feel for things that way.


I'm so pleased you liked it, Bill!

Meringues have three levels of fussiness:

--Cutey Fuss (a.k.a. Simple Meringue): add granulated sugar in a stream as you're beating the whites. Makes for a more tender meringue.

--Can't Leave Well-Enough Alone (a.k.a. Swiss Meringue): You heat, as described above, the egg whites and sugar together, to dissolve the sugar. You get more volume from warmed eggwhites anyway, but you also here get a lot more stability to shape the meringue, and also get quite a bit of crunch.

--Advanced Fusspot (a.k.a. Italian Meringue) you first make a sugar syrup and then pour it in gently into your beating (so to speak) egg whites. This stuff is so stable, so solid, you might use it as mortar.

For Pavlovas including undoubtedly your mother's, and Vacherins (which are really just a Pavlova sandwich), you're meant to use simple meringue, as you're looking for something of a cakey texture--crunch, but not atomic crunch. And mercifully, they're also the easiest to make.


Oh my, this does sound good! And thanks for the link.

I went for a walk today after the rain and was eating them off the hedges, they were very moist and sweet and clean, and was just thinking about blackberries and ice cream, which was one of my dad's favourites. They had good bushes in their garden in Sussex, and he used to pick them and freeze them and eat them through the winter with vanilla ice cream. The sound of the frozen blackberries landing on the china plate used to remind my mum of Sunday teatime in Norwich when she was a child, and, she said, you could hear the winkles being poured onto the plates form outside the houses!

Food is so nostalgic...

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