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August 23, 2008


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I must say that dark chocolate in these strengths is not something you just eat a full tablet of. One little piece at the time is really good though. But I guess you cover the tablets with old copies of the IHT and then open a new one. Thst won't happen here. Chocolate is stored in a special place that one have to put considerable effort in to get there. Just to protect myself from myself.

Côte d'Or might not be the best, it's also not the worst.


No doubt your friend could help out here, if you left pieces on a plate in a hard-to-ignore location....


Cindy-- no trouble is ever found "helping" me. Grrr. No wonder I'm a tad covert. Your favourite?

And as mare says, Côte d'Or is certainly not the worst. It has seem me through many a day, many a night. I ought never sound ungrateful.

Immediately upon posting, I did lunge at a Valrhona Cao Grande, Noir 70% Organic. Now I can boast a varied diet. Though again, I doubt second bite will ever please me better than Unwrap Crinkle Snap Melt.

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