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August 21, 2008


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It's true, unfortunately. (The butter-tastes-like-other-things bit.) (You - extreme? Nah.) I just threw away half a pound in Vermont because it tasted...refrigerator-y...but not before it ruined two ears of otherwise delicious and beautifully fresh Quebec corn. Still, a butter fridge is a bit, well, over-the-top. I'm sure R. will sneak something else in there. A jar of gooseberry preserves, say.


As long as it's sealed, Beth. As long as it's sealed.
Sorry about the corn.


What about a nice glass container with a good sealing lid?
Works for butter, cheese

Ed Ward

You can tell R. you're not as weird as some. There's a woman I know here in Berlin, an amazing cook, and she and her boyfriend had me over for dinner once. In the course of events, I had the occasion to visit the bathroom. In which was a refrigerator.

"Susanne," I said after I came back, "there's a refrigerator in your bathroom." Like she hadn't noticed or something: it was painted a ridiculous color.

"Oh," she replied. "That's for my makeup. It goes bad if it's just left out."

I had to go back and check. Sure enough, that's what was in it. Lots of it.


EJ--You'd think the simpler solutions would occur to me when I get like this.

Ed--I love how you brought it to her attention!! And that's nuts of a different calibre altogether (I used oft discuss the extremes of cosmetics claims with a dermatologist friend), and mightn't be altogether comforting to R., but I'll try!!


Try this instead - eco friendly and even better! This is what I use////



I hear you, krish. The cloches are lovely. I'll put one on my Christmas list.
And for the record, I never meant to mean it.

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