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August 12, 2008


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Ed Ward

Y'know, with a picture like that I don't *care* if the wine's not so good. That picture just hollers Mitteleuropäische Sommernacht!


A great ritual. My partner and four of our good friends returned not long ago from 2 weeks in Italy, spending one week at a villa in Tuscany. I'm sure we'll fall into the same wine ritual if/when we return. We live in New Brunswick, btw.

Just found your blog and am enjoying it. Budapest is on my list of cities to visit. Is Gundel worth the splurge once there?


Ed: It is certainly that.

Jeff: I haven't been to Gundel in a while. It holds fantastic and extensive childhood memories for me, in its lush outdoor setting--It feels instantly festive to me. I'll ask around!
And, where in New Brunswick?


For some reason, this happy post brought tears to my eyes. The ritual, the hopefulness of continuity...? You describe it so well, in that tone of suspended time and mock gravity underscored by the happiness of being together.

And it's so Not-New-World.

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