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August 03, 2008


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I came over from Beth's, so glad I did, I'll surely be back!

I like very much your definition of blogging as a medium for exhibitionist introverts, and I think you've finally solved the transatlantic fava/lima/broad/butter bean question - though I'm not quite sure! The rest's just delicious.


Lucy-- I know for certain that fava are broad beans. I'm quite confident that lima are butter beans, save the fact that I work very hard to forget the existence of both: I'm not over childhood trauma re. them.

At various points in my life I've operated full time in French, Hungarian, and now English. And then there's France French, Quebec French; Brit, Canadian (and through marriage, Maritime) English, and some things that are specifically Montreal English. My brain is filled with parallel lists of the names of birds, plants, plant foods, meat cuts etc. that are just waiting to be linked to one another, but I find this endlessly elusive.


Lovely moment out of time caught in beautiful words.


Moment out of time is exactly what it felt like.

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