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October 18, 2008


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Red is an object of desire... as is just about everything else here!

Rachel Barenblat

I hear you on the burning need to preserve summer's bounty! And I love what you've done with these -- and your description of them having given their moisture to the angels. Some years we pick Hungarian wax peppers, and/or jalapeño peppers, at our CSA and pickle them according to a simple pickled pepper recipe in The Joy of Pickling. Slice them and short-brine them overnight in salt water and then pickle them in a cider vinegar brine with a bit of horseradish. They're divine.

david adam edelstein

Oooh! ooh! Get another 1/2 kilo and make chopped salted chiles, from Ms. Dunlop's second book. Perfect for that.


Red *is* an object of desire. Yes.

Rachel: I'd love to taste them. Hungarian wax peppers are made for gentle pickling. The right relationship of robustness, and yield, and of bold flavour to gentleness.

David: Hm. I'm going tomorrow. Will report.

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